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本文分享的是一年级孩子中英双语故事,故事名叫小老鼠丁丁,There are stars and moon in the night, the field is very bea...


There are stars and moon in the night, the field is very beautiful. The breeze, filled with the fragrance of rice, insects held a moonlight party on the grass, enjoy the dance. Not far away from the ridge of a mud hole, hiding a small gray mouse, his name is Ding Ding. Ding Ding's eyes are shining like stars, which is the light of desire. How he wants to participate in the moonlight Party of insects and sing and dance with them in the bright moonlight. However, he can't, he is a mouse, a mouse that can only hide its head and tail.


Rat's job is to destroy and steal. Whoever does great damage and steals a lot of things has great ability in the rat race. The higher the prestige, the better the life. A song called happy mouse is popular among mice. Every mouse can sing:


Happy mouse


Squeak, squeak,


We mice are great!


You don't have to farm to get food,


Live a carefree life.


Ding Ding used to be proud of being a member of the rat race. He wanted to be the best mouse and win for his parents.


I remember how excited Tintin was when he first stole on his own. Through the observation of his shining mouse eyes, he saw a bunch of full grain rice ears. Ding Ding ran to the roots of the rice ears and was about to bite them. A little earthworm came out of the soil and cried out:


Mice are bad things


Steal grain and rice


Let's make a mouse cage


I'll catch you with a click


After singing, the little earthworm cried out: frog, mantis, seven star ladybug, bee, come on. Come and catch the bad rat who stole the food.


Dingding was stunned: are we bad mice? But is it really the case?


Yes! You are a bad mouse. You steal, you destroy, you hate. Said the little earthworm.


The Seven Star ladybug, mantis, frog and other labor experts in the rice field heard the cry and all came to accuse ding ding: bad mouse, stealing, everyone hated it when they saw it.


Dingding left in pain. He didn't know how he got home. His first words when he saw his mother and father were: tell me, is stealing shameful? Are we bad mice? Mice are the worst?


Seeing Ding Ding's twisted face in pain, his father and mother couldn't bear to deceive him and said: Ding Ding, don't be sad. We rats are born bad and our profession is stealing. This is a reality that can't be changed. Just like dogs can't eat excrement, wolves can't eat meat, sheep can't eat grass, we can't steal, we are doomed to be street mice, everyone shouts and beats!


Enough! Enough! Why do we have to steal? We can also work! support oneself! Ding Ding almost roared at the rat's father and mother.


Child, you are too naive. This is the rule made by our ancestors. We can't change it. Who calls us mice? Rats are proud of stealing and getting something for nothing. Rat father and rat mother sighed.


I don't believe it! Ding Ding cried. He felt his world turned grey.


Ding Ding found the mouse clan leader and said to him: clan leader, we can't steal. We have to work, live on our own and be a good mouse.


Ding Ding's words were laughed by the clan leader and the clan mice. They all say that Ding Ding is worthless, stupid and mentally ill


It's very late. The insect moonlight party is over. Insects in twos and threes to fly back to their homes, Ding Ding how envious of those lovely insects, they can fly freely in the sun and stars. And mice can only live a life of evasion.


Alas! Looking at the back of the insects away, Ding Ding sighed a long time. Why am I a mouse, a mouse that can only dodge and live secretly?


No mouse in the mouse clan understands Ding Ding. Ding Ding goes to a place where there are few traces of rats. Ding Ding opens up a vegetable garden by his own labor. Corn, potatoes and vegetables were planted in the vegetable garden. Ding Ding worked hard at sunrise and at sunset. Under the careful care of Ding Ding, the crops grow well.


One day, when Ding Ding was harvesting the fruits of his labor, it was evening when he was ready to go home. A night owl rushed over and caught Ding Ding Ding and said, "you bad guy, you are stealing from others again!


Ding Ding argued: I didn't steal! This is my own vegetable garden, the fruit of my own labor! Night owls see Dingding said sincerely, let him stretch out his hands, this is what kind of a hands ah! Full of calluses.


Night owls are shocked: are there any mice that don't steal and support themselves? Night owl is very moved, let go of Ding Ding, and spread the story of Ding Ding all over the forest, the corner of the field.


The mice knew and gnashed their teeth in anger. They think that Ding Ding is rebellious, not doing his job, lost the face of the mice. The mice broke into Dingding's garden, destroyed the garden that Dingding had been playing with carefully, and caught Dingding back in the mouse hole of the mouse clan. The mouse clan leader sent several strong mice to guard Dingding and force Dingding to change his ways.


Oh, my God! This is how the world of mice turns black and white. There is no justice! Otherwise, why is it so difficult to be a self-supporting good mouse?


Ding Ding said that he would not steal anything and did damage. Dingding was so hungry that his eyes were dazed and his belly was close to his back.


People die for money, birds die for food, rats steal food. How long can you be tough? The mouse clan leader took it for granted.


He let Ding Ding go. He thought Ding Ding would steal because of hunger. Who doesn't know how to cherish life. But the mouse clan leader was wrong. Ding Ding didn't steal, but gnawed some grass roots, bark and leaves to satisfy his hunger. The mouse clan leader was on fire and ordered the mice to uproot the grass and cut off the bark within the scope of Ding Ding's activities.


Dingding has nothing to eat. He made a decision: he would rather die than steal. To be exact, since he knew that stealing was shameless and criticized by the public, he made this decision. He wanted to be a rebellious mouse who didn't steal or rob,


For several days, Ding Ding didn't eat anything. There's actually nothing to eat. Ding Ding was too weak to open his eyes. He knew that he was going to die and leave the world. But Ding Ding didn't regret it at all. He insisted that it was right to be a rat who didn't steal. It was a true truth that couldn't be destroyed. He will die for the truth. Ding Ding felt his head heavy. In a trance, he heard a powerful cat call, followed by the disordered footsteps of several mice guarding him.


Let the cat eat it! But big cat, do you know what you eat is a good mouse, a good mouse that you shouldn't eat. Dingding wanted to say that, but his throat was as dry as a desert in the hot sun. It was about to smoke, and he couldn't spit out a word. Dingding only felt the cat carrying him out of the mouse hole.


Dingding is dying. When he wakes up with a mouthful of cold water, what he sees at first sight is a big cat squatting beside him. The big cat's face is full of surprise and gentle smile: Dingding, you finally wake up.


Am I in another world? A cat talks to a mouse in such a tone and manner! Dingding looked at the big cat with suspicious eyes. It seemed that he was asking.


Big flower cat patted Ding Ding with vigorous claws and said: Ding Ding, good! You are the most courageous mouse I have ever seen. Night owl is right. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I don't believe there will be a good mouse like you in the world. Come on, make a friend!


From then on, Dingding mouse and big cat live together, Dingding mouse live a happy life he likes and pursues.



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