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本文分享的是简易儿童英语故事,故事名叫千纸鹤与幸运星,Qingqing and Lanlan are good friends. 青青和蓝蓝是好朋友。Usually, the...


Qingqing and Lanlan are good friends.


Usually, they always go to school and finish school together, read books and do homework together. They are inseparable. No matter what you do, with the company of good friends, it becomes interesting. The two of them meet to be friends for life.


Finally, they finished their homework and went to the street hand in hand. Two girls walking in the street, looking at the shops on both sides of the dazzling array of goods, pointing, talking and laughing, really happy.


They have bright happiness on their faces. Everyone will feel it. An old woman with a bamboo basket on her arm saw it and went to them with a smile. She asked them kindly: do you want to buy some small things? I have a lot of interesting things here!


She opened the cloth on the basket, and sure enough, there were many delicate and lovely little things in it. Qingqing and Lanlan are both surprised and happy. They are dazzled by all kinds of small animal shaped glass toys, hairy bears and colorful cloth figurines. They don't know which one to choose.


Why don't you buy this flash origami. The old woman pointed to a beautiful box of flash origami and lowered her voice. She said mysteriously that the things folded for each other with a beautiful wish would have magical power!


Qingqing and Lanlan's eyes brightened when they saw the glossy origami. They smile at each other, nod to each other and buy origami. The origami Qingqing bought is white, and the origami Lanlan bought is blue.


A few days later, when they met, they both held a bear shaped glass jar in their hands.


This is from me! They both said at the same time, then both looked at each other and laughed.


Qingqing to Lanlan is a white lucky star, and Lanlan to Qingqing is a blue crane. Each white lucky star is small and lovely, and each blue crane is delicate and delicate.


Two bottles, filled with two girls to a friend's blessing.


They hold each other's gifts to themselves.


But before long, the Qingqing family moved to a far, far place.


Two people miss each other can only be conveyed by phone. But the thin telephone line, how can you load under the thick care?


People who don't know each other share the joy and sadness in their hearts. People who don't share the same interests enjoy their favorite pictures and books together. Blue blue people have blue sadness in their hearts.


Lanlan often feels lonely. When she is lonely, she takes out Qingqing's lucky stars, one by one, and looks at them slowly.


Qingqing in the distance, will also look at the thousand paper cranes I gave her like me? Although we are different in the world, but the thoughts in our hearts are the same, right?


One night with bright moonlight, blue couldn't sleep for a long time. Looking at the bright net month, the green face appeared clearly in her heart.


The silver moonlight quietly shines on the bear glass jar on the bedside table, and the white lucky star inside seems to start to shine. LAN LAN can't help but sit up, take the jar, open the lid, pour the lucky star Qingqing folded for her on the bed, gently pinch one with her fingers and gaze at it carefully.


Qingqing! LAN LAN can't help but call it gently.


The star in front of him suddenly twinkled with bright light. He became a real, shining star


Blue can not help but gently close their eyes, and then open, the top of the head is a gorgeous starry sky.


I do not know when, blue bedroom has disappeared. Now she stood in the field, the grass full of blue and purple flowers, insects chirping around. In front of us, the starry sky is extremely beautiful. Every star is as big as the palm of your hand, and it emits bright light. Some stars are painted with colorful patterns, or a small flower, or a bird, and some stars are written with colorful words:


Blue blue, wish you happy every day.


I wish you a good mood every day.


I wish you all the best. www.tonghuaba.cn Fairytale.com

祝你事事如意。www.tonghuaba.cn 童话网

Blue blue surprised to cover her mouth, she recognized, this is not Qingqing for his lucky star? How can they appear in the vast night sky and become real stars?


With a good wish for each other out of the things, there will be incredible magic! The words of the old woman who sold things clearly appeared in LAN LAN's mind.


At this time, a white swing came down from the starry sky. Lan Lan sits up and looks forward to the distance. Ah, with the bright crane, isn't it Qingqing who comes from afar to miss day and night? She rode on a blue crane, followed by a long flock of cranes.


The crane fell down on the grass and blue came forward. They hugged each other, crying and laughing. The stars in the sky shine more brightly than before.


How did you come here on a blue crane? After calming down a little, LAN LAN can't help asking.


Since I separated from you, I miss you very much. Qingqing said slowly, the thousand paper cranes you sent me, I thread them through and hang them on the ceiling of the bedroom. Tonight, when I was looking at them in the moonlight, suddenly they became real cranes, and then they flew up and took me away. Who knows my dream has become true! We meet again, right here, under the stars I gave you


Blue blue looked at the crane flying around them and found that it was the thousand paper crane she gave to Qingqing! Their blue feathers, densely written with white words, that are their sincere wishes to Qingqing ah!


They held hands tightly together, sat on the swing and looked up at the beautiful and mysterious starry sky. At this time, the figure of the old woman who sold them magic origami suddenly appeared in the starry sky. She looked down at Qingqing and Lanlan, and said with a smile: your friendship moved me, so I give you a starry sky of friendship. Remember, as long as there is a miss, no matter how far the distance is close.


With that, her figure disappeared. Qingqing and Lanlan exclaimed, then said: this must be a kind fairy to help us meet!


They looked at each other and laughed. They held hands and chatted about the scene after parting.


The evening wind is so gentle, blowing on them and in their hearts, making them feel extremely relaxed and happy. It's like a fairyland.


When it was time to part, their tightly held hands reluctantly released. Tears flashed in their eyes. Qingqing whispered: don't be sad, as long as we care about each other, we will meet again.


Lan Lan nodded silently.


The lingering sound of parting, Qingqing and the blue cranes have been flying to the distant sky, gazing at the blue. When their figure disappeared in the distance, suddenly asked, blue head of the star also disappeared.


She is still in her bedroom, the moonlight like silver gossamer quietly sprinkled, lucky stars scattered on the bed, shining silver light slightly under the moon.


Just now everything, like a beautiful dream, as if it had never really happened.


However, after that, in the bright moonlight night, when they miss each other, they will meet again, and the thousand paper cranes and lucky stars will give them a world of friendship. As the fairy mother-in-law said: as long as there is a miss, no matter how far the distance is close.



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